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GLA:D Exercise Program Vancouver

common running injuries

What is GLA:D Exercise Program for Knee and Hip? The GLA:D exercise program in Vancouver is an education and exercise program aimed to help people with hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) manage symptoms, pain, and loss of function. Based on OA research with feedback from people with OA, as well as healthcare professionals who provide […]

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Vancouver Sports Physiotherapy

common crossfit injuries

  Vancouver Sports Physiotherapy Our previous blog looked at what physiotherapy is at our wonderful Vancouver sports physio clinic. It provided insight into what to expect when coming for your initial assessment and subsequent visits. Now we want to provide some insight into some of the typical injuries we see related to sports. As a […]

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Best Physiotherapy Clinic Vancouver

Physiotherapy Vancouver

Last year Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic was named one of the 10 best physiotherapy clinics in Vancouver! In honour of this recognition let’s take a look into what the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver has to offer and what to expect.     What is Physiotherapy? Before we dive into our amazing clinic let’s first have […]

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Vestibular Physiotherapy Vancouver

neck treatment by physio

Vestibular Physiotherapy  Do you suffer from dizziness, vertigo or balance issues? Have you tried seeing a physiotherapist to manage these symptoms? Before answering that question let’s take a look at what vestibular dysfunction is and what vestibular physiotherapy is. You are not alone! Vestibular system disturbances are very common. Almost 40% of North Americans over […]

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Physiotherapist Back Specialist

Relaxed at home on a chair

All physiotherapists who work in a private orthopedic setting, have likely done postgraduate studies in the area of spine and spinal health. However, we are not able to claim we are specialists. However, we can have areas of interest, that we choose to do more intense areas of studying in. If you are wondering about […]

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Top 10 Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic

The Best Vancouver Banner

The Best of Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinics   Today we share some exciting news! We have been added to the list of Vancouver’s Top 10 Physiotherapy clinics.It is thrilling to be recognized by our peers and clients as the best of Vancouver Physiotherapy clinics as we know we are a unique clinic in our community. So with […]

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Bike Fitting Vancouver 

a hand reaches towards the handle bars of a bike

 Vancouver Bike Fitting Tips Sadly, We have lost our bike fitter, physio Thomas. He has moved to the Island.  We are working on finding a replacement, but it is not an easy feat to be able to do bike fits properly. There are courses one must do to be qualified for this task. However, in […]

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Physiotherapy at Home

Shown is a computer screen

Physiotherapy at Home Vancouver   It took a global pandemic to force healthcare providers to pivot into the virtual world, and I can’t see virtual care disappearing anytime soon. As with the rest of the industry, we in the physio world had to come up with in-home physiotherapy options. The first option being telehealth.  Telehealth […]

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Ankle Sprain Rehab

A practitioner performs shockwave to a client's leg

Ankle Injury Rehabilitation Explained If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of needing your injured ankle rehabilitated due to a strain or sprain we have some tips for you. Obviously, the best line of care is to visit your local physiotherapist to have your injury examined in person, as some strains and sprains may be […]

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Downtown Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic Accepts ICBC

shoulder pain physiotherapy

Downtown Vancouver Physio Clinic Talks ICBC and Whiplash.  Should you ever be in the unfortunate circumstance of needing some care for your body’s aches and pains after a motor vehicle accident (MVA), Burrard Physio can help you deveolope a treatment plan.  Here are some common questions we receive after a client experiences an MVA. What […]

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