Physiotherapy is our passion. Your health is our priority.

Burrard Physiotherapy is one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Vancouver and is home to 12 highly skilled physiotherapists, 2 massage therapists, kinesiologists, yoga instructor, pilates instructor and exercise therapists.

Shockwave Therapy

SWT utilizes a high amplitude mechanical pulse to create physiological changes in tissue and is effective in treating various tendonopathies.

Real Time Ultrasound

RTUS allows for the evaluation of deep core muscles and gives both patient and therapist visual biofeedback of muscle action during the functional retraining of deep abdominal musculature.

Intramuscular Stimulation and Acupuncture

A neuropathic approach to treating chronic pain. Our therapists use fine needles to stimulate shortened muscle bands that cause compression in the spine, treating the root cause of pain.

AlterG Treadmill Training

Our NASA designed, body weight supported treadmill offers express return to activity post injury and expedites the rehabilitation process

Spinal Manual Therapy

Many of our therapists have advanced manual therapy skills to treat your soft tissue and joint related injuries.

Sports Therapy

If return to sport is your primary goal we have you covered. Our staff will tailor a progressive rehab training program for you and get you back to game form.



Time to begin your physical rehabilitation journey .

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