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Vancouver Sports Physiotherapy

Our previous blog looked at what physiotherapy is at our wonderful Vancouver sports physio clinic. It provided insight into what to expect when coming for your initial assessment and subsequent visits. Now we want to provide some insight into some of the typical injuries we see related to sports. As a Vancouver sports physio clinic, we often see a lot of strains, sprains, and ligament ruptures. Now when we say Vancouver sports physio, we don’t just mean we treat high-level athletes training day in and day out. We also treat the weekend warrior or the beer league legends who play for fun, fitness, or even bragging rights!

Athletic Injury Prevention

As an athlete, it is important to maintain one’s health and wellness in order to perform your best on any given Sunday. Just as a race car driver regularly maintains their vehicle to ensure optimal performance, so should you. Why wait for something to go wrong when we can work to prevent this from happening in the first place? The sports physio will conduct a functional screen to identify areas that are imbalanced and in need of mobilization or areas that are mobile and need stabilizing. They will help design a program focused on addressing these areas to prevent common sports-related injuries.


Common Sports Injuries

Regardless of the season or what Vancouver has to offer we tend to see and treat a lot of ankle sprains. The most common is the lateral ankle sprain. This happens when someone ‘goes over’ on their ankle usually when landing from running or jumping.  If you have a lot of pain or can’t bear weight on it, see your physiotherapist asap for assessment.

In the meantime, we recommend to POLICE the injury. You want to Protect, Optimally load, Ice, Compress and Elevate the injured ankle. This will attempt to reduce the swelling and prevent further injury to that ligament. Early mobilization will also help keep the ankle from losing its range of motion. So general ankle mobilization like drawing the ABC’s is something we would recommend starting early. After focusing on POLICE and mobilization the sports physio will work with you to create strength and return to play program.

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