Carly Russell

Certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Rehab Assistant

For over 15 years, Carly has been working in Rehabilitation and is currently a Classical Pilates Teacher.  With Pilates, her goal is to help individuals find mobility, strength, and release through a more connected and mindful approach. Her teaching style begins with the breath and works outward, finding ways to promote strength and healing in the body and mind. Carly has extensive training and experience with core stability training, chronic pain management, breathwork, arthritic conditions, scoliosis, pre/post natal, endometriosis, and postural dysfunction.

Clinical Pilates

Involves using input from a rehabilitation and injury management stand point to help improve a client’s function. Often a physio or Doctor will provide their input into the client’s abilities and limitation and work together with Carly’s knowledge and observations to ensure safe and useful strength and length exercises are occurring. Using pilates to help move forward from injury or chronic conditions.


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