Neck and Low Back Pain

neck and low back pain treatment

Can Physiotherapy Help With Neck and Low Back Pain?

There are 3 types of neck and low back pain, Acute subacute and chronic. 

  1. Acute back and neck pain is defined as a quick onset of pain, and the first few days- 2 weeks after this onset of pain. The pain can come on spontaneously or after an injury. 
  2. Subacute pain is described as the pain phase that lasts from 2 weeks – 3 months and
  3. Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months. Chronic pain is the stage we hope to avoid as it can lead to changes in the body and the brain’s perceived experience of pain. 

So let’s say you have injured your neck or back, what now?

 When to seek Physiotherapy Services. In the best-case scenario it is ideal to have your neck and back pain looked at while in the acute stages, this can better help you avoid your pain becoming chronic. Physiotherapy has been shown to be a necessary step in managing pain for clients. Not only can a physio provide education, reassurance, or onward referral if necessary, but physios can also help you avoid transitioning into a chronic pain state. Early intervention is the key to managing back pain injuries. 

neck and low back pain treatment

The idea of bed rest when injured or have back pain is old school; often, motion is lotion for the injured body, within appropriate limits. This is something a physio can help you decide, the appropriate amount of activity for your body’s injury. Often there are also stretches or strengthening exercises that the body may need after an injury, and a physio can help with that too. 

So when in doubt, book an appointment with your local Vancouver physiotherapist and try to get ahead of your back and neck pain issues. Phone us: 1-604-684-1640