Shockwave Therapy

A powerful treatment for achilles tendonopathy, rotator tendonopathy, and more

Shockwave therapy is a treatment used by physiotherapists as well as in orthopaedics, urolology and cardiology. SWT utilizes a high amplitude mechanical pulse to create physiological changes in tissue. It was originally used at high focused energies to break up kidney stones and gall stones but has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many chronic soft tissue ailments. Results of double blind studies have shown remarkable success treating tennis elbow, chronic tendonopathies of the knee, rotator cuff, achillies and hamstrings as well as plantar fascitis.

SWT works by stimulating new blood vessels and nerve cells. Creating microtrauma in the tissues re-establishes the inflamatory response required in tissues to heal, but which is absent in chronic conditions.

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