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Burrard Physiotherapy Downtown Vancouver

A mainstay of Physiotherapy practice in Downtown Vancouver.

Burrard Physiotherapy is an amalgamation of two outstanding physiotherapy clinics in downtown Vancouver. Burrard Physiotherapy Associates was established in 1982 as was Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic—each of these businesses operated out of separate locations one block apart.

It wasn’t until local Kerry Maxwell purchased both physiotherapy clinics in 2004 and 2005 that they merged to become Burrard Physiotherapy. The clinic is driven to provide an outstanding level of care and recovery for patients. Each of the therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy have multiple levels of training and education over and above their original degrees. In addition, everyone leads active lifestyles. This is essential to understanding the impact that an injury can have on your lifestyle. We believe physiotherapy carried out by a qualified team is the path to freedom of movement and mobility & we believe freedom of movement is essential to quality of life.

Our reception area boasts a coffee and tea service and comfortable seating in a cozy setting filled with local art. Any of our three receptionists will be happy to settle you in to your treatment routine while you are here with us.

Fee Schedule



Most patients (95%) will have some form of coverage for physiotherapy.  If you don’t, talk to our staff about a payment plan option.



If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, ICBC will cover your treatment fees. You no longer need to pay any user fees for ICBC claims.



Once your WCB claim has been accepted your fee will be $0.  You will be required to pay the full private fee until such time.  Once your claim is accepted, any private fees paid will be fully reimbursed.


Private (Senior Discount)

If you are 65 or older you are eligible for our senior discount.  If you are lucky enough to look younger than your age, you may be asked to present ID.  Lucky you!

List of Insurers We Can Direct Bill

  • Pacific Blue Cross;
  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance;
  • CINUP;
  • Cowan;
  • Desjardins Insurance;
  • First Canadian Insurance;
  • Great West Life;
  • Industrial Alliance;
  • Johnson Inc.;
  • Johnston Group Inc.;
  • Manulife Financial;
  • Maximum Benefit;
  • Sun Life Financial;
  • Canada Life;
  • Alberta Blue Cross;
  • GroupHealth;
  • Empire Life;
  • Green Shield;
  • And many more.

Our Skills

100% / Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilization/Manipulation

100% / Exercise therapy

100% / Dry Needling, GunnIMS, Acupuncture

100% / Electrotherapy

100% / Traction/Decompression

100% / Shockwave Therapy

Our Values

We believe everybody has the right to the best quality of life possible.


We will listen to the full history of your injury before assessing you.  We will work together with you to make sure your treatment goals are met.  We will always answer any questions you may have.


We will treat your body as a whole.  Not every injury is a local as you think.  We will treat your acute injury as well as look to prevent any future injuries.  As much as we love having you with us, really, the aim is to never have to see you again. 🙂


We will educate you about every aspect of your injury, treatment and future prevention.  Not only will we educate you, but we continue to educate ourselves, with monthly clinical in services and at least 20 hours of ongoing professional courses every year.


Burrard Physiotherapy; You’re in the Right Hands.

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