Service Fees & Billing Information

Billing and coverage is available for most of our patients.  Very few people who need to access physiotherapy services have to do so with out some kind of financial assistance from insurance.  Below is a list of insurers we are able to direct bill.  If your insurance company is not listed, call us and our admin staff will check for you.  In rare circumstances, you may have to pay upfront and submit your receipts to your insurer yourself.

The Medical Services Plan of BC does not cover physiotherapy services unless you are low income, on disability or welfare. Our admin staff can check your coverage with your health care card.  Give them a call and they will let you know if you have coverage with MSP.

Direct billing is available with the following third party insurers:

If you do not see your insurer in the list above, please call the clinic to determine if we can direct bill your insurer.

We cannot check coverage for third party insurers.  We will only know if you are covered at the time of your appointment when we attempt to bill it.  You should check your own coverage prior to your appointment….it’s not us, it’s them.


Fees – As at April 1st, 2024

Physiotherapy Visit Initial  $   105.00
Physiotherapy Visit subsequent  $   105.00
Seniors (age 65+)  $   100.00
MSP  $    40.00
ICBC   $   12.00 UF
ICBC Rehab  $   12.00 UF
WCB (until claim is accepted)  $   105.00
Physiotherapy Extended  $  200.00
Physio + 30 min Kin  $  165.00
Pilates  $  110.00
Kin/PTA 30 min  $    60.00
Kin/PTA one hour  $  100.00
AlterG (stand alone appt)  $    55.00
Student FT  $    75.00

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