AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Fast track your return to sport with zero gravity treadmill training.

Always an industry leader, Burrard Physiotherapy has brought NASA technology to Vancouver!  We are the only physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver to offer this revolutionary rehabilitation device.  The AlterG treadmill is a full sized treadmill that is able to unload a person’s body weight up to 80%.  This technology was developed by NASA to retrain astronauts returning from space, but has real world applications.  I discovered this amazing technology while recovering from an injury myself.   I sustained an injury to my L5 disc which caused compression of my nerve.  Even though my disc had resolved significantly, I had been unable to even jog across the road without getting spasms in my left leg.  When I went to test out the AlterG, I was able to run at 6miles per hour with no pain and no post exercise soreness as a result of impacting on my nerve.  It changed not only my rehab but my outlook on my future.

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