Progressive Physiotherapy

Progressive Physiotherapy in Vancouver 

What is Progressive Physiotherapy? We asked a Vancouver company that is well-versed in treating various clients with various issues. The word progressive can take two meanings in this context; one, being continuing to accelerate forward, and two, using advanced techniques beyond the normal. At Burrard Physiotherapy, both these meanings apply to their physiotherapy approach. At this clinic, it is often the case that the client will participate in Passive hands-on physiotherapy such as manual therapy, dry needling, and assessment. They also use an Active physiotherapy approach or active rehab approach when caring for their clients, this is considered progressive in the world of physiotherapy. 

Progressive Physiotherapy

Active Rehab Vancouver 


What is active rehab and why is it considered progressive? Understanding that strength and conditioning work specific to a client’s area of injury is important, is a new train of thought in the physio world. Often an injury has occurred for a reason, perhaps an underlying weakness or tightness somewhere within the body. To see a more successful and progressive approach to rehab, active rehab needs to take place to fix the underlying cause of the injury itself. A physio can help eliminate pain and find out what caused the injury, but often it is on the client to put some leg work in as well to help fix and balance out their own issues. You only see a physio for a 20-30 minute session, there are 23.5 other hours in a day that may need some dedicated active rehab time put into them. 

Progressive physiotherapy

Is physiotherapy right for you?

Likely. It is that simple. And at Burrard Physiotherapy our 12 staff physios are experts in their field. We can confidently say that whatever musculoskeletal injury or inquiry you have, one of our experts can help get you sorted. If you think that Active rehab should be a part of your treatment plan, book an appointment with Burrard Physiotherapy to ensure a progressive physiotherapy experience.