Golf TPI Assessment Vancouver


Are you a Vancouver golfer? Is your golf game being hindered by pain? Are you just looking to improve it? The TPI golf assessment and treatment can help take swings off your score and prevent/treat injury. The Titleist Performance Institute assessment is designed to look at each individual’s body to determine what might be causing those swing characteristics plaguing your game. Your TPI certified Physiotherapist, Matt Godbeer, can use the information from this assessment to determine what may be causing your pain and help prevent future injury, as well as write an individualized program to improve your movement patterns and identified swing characteristics

What to expect

In the initial assessment it’s important we get to know you as an individual. The initial assessment is 60 minutes that involves your certified TPI Physiotherapist, Matt, gathering subject history, past medical history, goals and testing. The testing consists of a series of functional movements to find out any limitations, or problem areas that are impacting your swing characteristics. At the end, you and Matt will design a program to improve your body kinematics to help improve your pain and game. Each individual will be given a tailored program and emailed a copy of their results from the assessment to show their swing characteristics.

After the assessment your therapist will create an at home exercise program. If any injuries are detected, your therapist may recommend further treatment in the clinic, and will discuss all options and plans with you. It is recommended to have at least 1 follow up session so your therapist can assure your understanding and make any adjustments if needed.

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