Sports Therapy

We have the personnel and tools to get you back to the playing field, whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior.

At Burrard Physiotherapy, each member of our Vancouver sports therapy team has advanced training in Sports and Orthopaedics as well as having years of experience in treating injured athletes, whether their goal is a world cup or a walk in the park.

Whether your sports injury is acute or chronic, our Vancouver physiotherapists and sports therapy will get you on the road to recovery and work toward meeting your activity goals as quickly as possible. You can expect a complete and comprehensive assessment, education regarding your sports injury and activity and a goal oriented treatment program. Our focus will be on getting you back to your chosen sport for both the long and short term. If possible, we will help you continue to run/play/compete while you are injured and, if needed, advise you to withdraw while your body has time to heal.

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