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Sports Massage Therapists

Sports massage therapy Vancouver is a trending topic these days. But what is the difference between sports massage therapy and regular massage therapy?
For starters, sports massage therapy often focuses on a specific area of injury or need. Let’s say you are recovering from a hamstring tear. And you are finding your calf and hips are sore from walking with a crutch. Sports massage therapists could perform an assessment and determine if the hips or calves need some loosening work. If they do, this is what your session may focus on. Or maybe you are a volleyball player with a sore shoulder, this would be the area of focus in your session. the shoulder and any other surrounding tissues that may be hindering your performance or that may be leading to pain.

Sports massage therapy, however, is not solely reserved for athletes.

It can be for weekend warriors, or it can even be for people who just want a specific area of the body focused on. Perhaps due to this specific area of the body being a constant source of issues. It’s best to have a short conversation with your new massage therapist before beginning to work with each other, just to ensure both parties are clear on what the expectations are. It is also probably good to inquire if your massage therapist is open to doing sports massage work, or focusing on your one area of concern. Some may not be.

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 Regular massage therapy visits in Vancouver
may focus more on a whole body approach. Spending 5-10 minutes on each area of the body; neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs.
The techniques used in regular massage visits can be anywhere from soft tissue, to deep tissue. This is a good technique for regular muscle tension relief from say, working at a desk all day, participating in repetitive tasks, or even just for generally low-grade soreness.

At Burrard Physiotherapy: We have Erika Kosarko, a trained and registered massage therapist who can treat various areas of the body. She just completed her Masters’s Degree in Rehabilitation. If you are wondering if she is the right massage therapist for you. Feel free to book in with her and find out!

Erika Kosarko