Physiotherapy Vancouver, A Clinic’s Story of 2020.

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Our Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic Tells its Story from 2020

Well, what a year. Burrard Physiotherapy chose to close its doors a few days before our health authority required all physio and all health care clinics to in March of 2020 as the Covid-19 Pandemic officially entered our community of BC. 

It was a tough few months of being closed: for the small locally owned business we are, for our staff who were now laid off, and for our community of clients who could no longer seek care. We pivoted into offering online services. We had clients who just underwent surgery, who were front line workers in pain, who were now working from home and needed advice on home office sets ups, who were on small gulf islands and needed help but couldn’t travel and didn’t have access to care; and we were now able to offer help in this new virtual world which is our new reality. 

We then received the green light to go ahead and reopen at the end of May 2020 in Phase 2 of the provincial reopening plan. We had spent the last 3 months preparing for this day; installing plexiglass, ordering all the PPE we could find, coming up with strategies to keep our staff and clients safe, changing our booking systems, placing signs up, endless hand sanitizer orders, etc. 

WCB even came to our location to do an assessment and reported back to us that there was nothing more they could suggest, we were doing everything right, and we met their standard of safe work environment during covid times. 

We have successfully been open for a year now. It has been a constant focused dance of staff and clients coming in and out of our clinic doors. We have found our balance of function and safety amongst our strategy and are so grateful to be able to help out our community once again that we have been a part of for the last 40 years. The below video was shot a few days before we reopened one year ago at this very point in time. Stay safe everyone and be kind 🙂