Physiotherapy at Home

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Physiotherapy at Home Vancouver


It took a global pandemic to force healthcare providers to pivot into the virtual world, and I can’t see virtual care disappearing anytime soon. As with the rest of the industry, we in the physio world had to come up with in-home physiotherapy options. The first option being telehealth. 

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Telehealth is the practice of care for a client not performed in person. It is usually carried out via the phone, or on the computer. Oftentimes, these virtual sessions can be just as beneficial as in-person visits. Virtual sessions allow you to speak in real-time with your physio, demonstrate and describe your issues as well have the physio ask you important questions related to your concern. The physio can then address your concerns by offering advice, further referral, or home remedies to help alleviate your concern. But how effective are virtual sessions? Many studies have been performed to prove that virtual sessions can be very effective. One such study looked at client’s recovery post Total Hip replacements, and virtual care was shown to have great outcomes when managed by physios over a virtual platform. 


A lot of people can’t visualize how a virtual appointment would look, so we have created a 3-minute video to demonstrate what a virtual physio session may look like.


There are many benefits to receiving physiotherapy while in the comfort of your own home:


1- Convenience: Don’t have to leave your home


2- Less time spent commuting- Just from the couch to the computer


3- Safe Environment (low exposure risk)


4- Less of  a time commitment: 30  minutes total start to finish

The second option for physiotherapy at home would be in-home visits. Some public and private physiotherapy companies offer this option. This involves a physio coming directly to you, into your home to do visits. This is a particularly convenient option if you have mobility or transportation issues.  Whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss if we can help.