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All physiotherapists who work in a private orthopedic setting, have likely done postgraduate studies in the area of spine and spinal health. However, we are not able to claim we are specialists. However, we can have areas of interest, that we choose to do more intense areas of studying in. If you are wondering about how to keep your spine healthy as you age here are some key points to consider from a physiotherapist who has a special interest in spinal health:

  • Ergonomic Posture

The way the body is set while performing tasks. Some examples include: working at the computer, washing the dishes, cleaning out the garage, etc. It may seem simple, but not having a good ergonomic posture can lead to injury while performing these tasks.

It may not be immediate, but the prolonged poor load on the spine can slowly break down your tissues and your joint health, leaving you more vulnerable to repetitive strain injuries or even acute injuries from simple tasks around the home. For example, lift with your legs, not your spine when taking the garbage out. Sit up tall while working at the computer. Little ergonomic tips like that can go a long way towards your spinal health.


  • Physical Activity

The more you are able to keep your muscles strong and at the proper length/tension ratio, the less likely you are to suffer injuries. It is also beneficial for your overall health like heart function and bone density to be keeping yourself fit.

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  • Managing Stress Levels

At first, the connection between stress levels and body aches and pains may not be obvious. But stress leads to tension, tension leads to tightening of muscles and this can lead to injury. Physical activity can also be a nice way to help manage stress load if your doctor has cleared you to participate. Meditation or mindfulness practice is also becoming more popular where you take the time to breathe and are encouraged to let go of the little stressors and set clear intentions each day.


A video prepared by one of our physios on how to sit at a desk:

For a 10 minute daily guided meditation, see below: