Tips for Buying a Used Bike in Vancouver

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Tip for Buying a Used Bike in Vancouver

With the summer weather heating up, many more cyclists are taking to the pavement for weekend rides or daily commutes. If you are a new cyclist or just getting back on the saddle after a long sabbatical, this may mean that you are in the market to buy a new bike. This means you are likely looking for tips on buying a used bike in Vancouver. If you’re just getting started you may opt to buy a used bike, either off a friend or off Craigslist. It may seem like a good deal to save money but beware: riding a poorly fit bike for a long time could cost you more in the long run.

Bike Fit

When you buy a new bike in-shop, the mechanics will do a general bike sizing/fitting to make sure that the bike is properly adjusted to you. However, if you buy a used bike on the open market, you bypass that important initial screen and are really hoping your body can adjust to the bike. You might stand next to your friend and think, “we’re about the same height, I should be able to ride her bike”. Or you might do a quick google search and find that a 56 cm bike frame can work for someone up to 6’0″. However even with the correct frame size, discrepancies in saddle height, pedal/cleat position, and handle bar position can have a significant impact on your biomechanics. This can lead to pain, especially on those long rides!

If you’ve bought a used bike it’s important to have your bike fit by a qualified physiotherapist/bike fitter. We will assess your cycling biomechanics and get your bicycle properly fit to your body. Don’t wait for the aches to start bugging you, stay ahead of the pain and get your bike fit today!

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