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5 Common Injuries Treated by Physiotherapists in Vancouver

5 common injuries a physiotherapist in vancouver treats

5 Common Injuries Treated by Physiotherapists in Vancouver. Physiotherapists play a crucial role in helping individuals recover from various injuries and improve their overall physical well-being. In Canada, these healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to treat a wide range of injuries, enabling patients to regain their strength, mobility, and quality of […]

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Understanding Foot Pain

foot pain vancouver physio

Understanding Foot Pain: Insights from a Vancouver Physiotherapist Foot pain can significantly impact our daily lives making even simple tasks like walking or standing unbearable. Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker, or a retiree, foot pain can affect people of all ages and lifestyles. Fortunately, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) provides valuable insights into […]

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Common Running Injuries

Physiotherapy Vancouver

Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them Running is a fantastic way to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors, but like any activity, it comes with injury risks. Unfortunately, runners often face injuries that can hinder their progress. In this blog, we will explore three key statistics from the Physiotherapy Association of Canada […]

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Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain physiotherapy

Shoulder Pain and How to Manage It Shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. It can make it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks, like brushing your hair or reaching for something on a high shelf. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes, […]

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Headache Management and Pain

common running injuries

Headache management and pain management These are areas where a physiotherapist can help you. Headaches can be caused by many things that sometimes you need someone else’s help to point out. If you are someone who experiences headaches or pain on a day-to-day basis, it is important to take a look at a few areas. […]

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Musculoskeletal Conditions

5 common injuries a physiotherapist in vancouver treats

Vancouver Musculoskeletal Conditions What exactly is a Musculoskeletal (MSK) condition? An MSK condition is an injury, niggle, or ailment that affects the soft tissues (joint, ligament, tendon, muscle, fascia ) or bones in your body. These issues could stem from an injury or a wear and tear process over time in the body. And this […]

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Quick List of our Staff and their areas of Specialty.

head injuries and concussions city sports physio vancouver

Physiotherapists and their Specialties Kerry Maxwell • Part A – Advanced Orthopaedic Certification *RCAMT • CGIMS (Intra-muscular Stimulation), 2004 • Biofeedback using RTU – real time ultrasound • Chronic Pain • Core Stabilization • Manual Therapy • Exercise Therapy • Languages Spoken: English Lynda Lawrence • Pelvic health- Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Vaginal/Rectal/Pelvic Pain, Men […]

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Progressive Physiotherapy

Progressive Physiotherapy in Vancouver  What is Progressive Physiotherapy? We asked a Vancouver company that is well-versed in treating various clients with various issues. The word progressive can take two meanings in this context; one, being continuing to accelerate forward, and two, using advanced techniques beyond the normal. At Burrard Physiotherapy, both these meanings apply to […]

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Pilates in Vancouver

scoliosis vancouver

Looking for Pilates in Vancouver? Burrard Physiotherapy is pleased to introduce the option of private or duet Pilates classes with our very own Carly Russell, located in downtown Vancouver. Carly has been a physiotherapy assistant for over 10 years. After taking a keen liking to anatomy and movement analysis, she pursued Yoga teaching. Now Carly […]

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Burrard Physios At Work Ep. 1

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