Downtown Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic Accepts ICBC

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Downtown Vancouver Physio Clinic Talks ICBC and Whiplash. 

Should you ever be in the unfortunate circumstance of needing some care for your body’s aches and pains after a motor vehicle accident (MVA), Burrard Physio can help you deveolope a treatment plan. 

Here are some common questions we receive after a client experiences an MVA.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is caused by a sudden force (usually unexpected) to your body. The force is powerful enough to cause your neck and body to whip forward and backward quickly. This force creates a pathological tissue response. Usually resulting in sore muscles and joints particularly in the neck and upper back, and can even cause headaches. 

In the below Video Kerry (Registered Physiotherapist and clinic owner of Burrard Physiotherapy) explains and demonstrates what whiplash accidents can look like on your neck. 

How long will I be sore after a car accident?

Soft tissue injuries typically take 6-8 weeks to resolve. 

You will be the sorest for the first 2 weeks after your accident. It is normal for your pain to move around in your body. You will be stiff and slightly uncomfortable but rest assured that with time, physiotherapy, and some home exercises you should start feeling better. 

How often will I need to see a physio post car accident?

Not everyone is the same; but typically, you will start with 1-2 x week physio visits, and as symptoms improve, you will start to wean off of physio. You may also be seeing a massage therapist as well as a kinesiologist during your rehab journey and so time must be made for these professionals treatment sessions as well. 

Have questions about whether physio is right for you after a car accident?

Contact our reception team and they will be pleased to help you achieve your goals and understand what steps need to be taken in order to book with one of our physios for your post MVA needs. We hope you feel better soon!