Kerry Maxwell

Kerry Maxwell

B.Phty, MCPA, CGIMS, Certified in Advanced Orthopedics


Kerry graduated from the University of Queensland in Australia in 1988. Her major focus since graduation has been orthopaedic and sports injury rehabilitation, but she also has extensive training in ergonomics and functional evaluation. In addition, in 2004, Kerry was certified in Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation).

Kerry is in the unique position of being a klutz herself which has resulted in numerous injuries, requiring lots of rehabilitation.  She has a first hand understanding of how frustrating an injury can be when it removes you from the things you love to do in life.  She is currently fit and healthy and has resumed her full and active lifestyle.

Kerry has owned Burrard Physiotherapy since 2004 and has continued to drive the high standard of care. In order to maintain continuity of treatment standards, you are most likely to run into Kerry when she is covering vacation time for one of the other therapists.

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