Life is full of headaches- don’t let your body be one of them.


Two-thirds of the population suffer from headaches. A large proportion of these are caused by disorders of the neck or by emotional tension. In most cases, the headaches can be successfully treated and recurrences can be prevented.


Headaches from disorders of the neck

The first three nerves of the neck supply the three upper joints of the neck and their supporting ligaments and muscles. They carry the sensation of pain and aching from the head. These nerves are also closely linked with the nerve that carries pain from the face.  By this complex interconnection of nerves, a disorder of the upper neck joints and muscles can cause both neck pain and pain felt in the head or face (referred pain).

Headaches from emotional tension

Emotional tension and anxiety are experienced by many people due to stress at home, at work or from financial worries. Tension may cause muscle tightness at the base of the head and jaw. If this persists, aching develops in these muscles.

How can you prevent headaches?

  1. Postural change/variability
  2. Good work environment
  3. Corrective Exercises
  4. Relaxation techniques
  5. Proper equipment/positioning for a good sleep

Burrard Physiotherapy Can Help.

We can provide you with expert postural analysis and assess your movement, strength, flexibility and joint mobility. We can help you to work out whether the neck or emotional tension is the likely cause of your head-aches. We can assess your work station and suggest simple modifications. Often there are simple strengthening exercises and stretches that can make all the difference. If other possibilities are suspected, or if the headaches do not respond to treatment, your physiotherapist will refer you to your medical practitioner. If you live in Vancouver and suffer from headaches, give us a visit, let us help you!

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